“totti” is the entry into the Japanese market of foreign companies,
Supporting the market expansion of domestic companies,
We support company growth.

We support overseas companies to sell their products in Japan.

“Branding” and “market expansion” in Japan

“totti” introduces the products of companies from all over the world to the Japanese market.
We formulate optimal sales channels and strategies to realize long-term sales. We aim to establish a long-term market using various means such as our own EC site, BtoB, and purchase-type crowdfunding.

■ Sales agency (including shipping within Japan)

We provide all necessary support for overseas companies to sell and deliver products in Japan.
We rely on a major and reliable delivery company in Japan to arrange shipping to deliver the products to our customers.

■ Response to product inquiries

We also provide customer support to handle inquiries and complaints regarding products in Japan.

By doing everything necessary for overseas companies to enter the Japanese market, overseas companies can develop products in the Japanese market without risk.

Flow up to product sales in Japan

  • 01
    If we determine that the product is suitable for the Japanese market and that it is an attractive product, we will contact you via DM or chat.
  • 02
    business negotiations
    Please have a detailed meeting at a web conference such as ZOOM or Skype.
  • 03
    Marketing Strategy to Maximize Revenue
    Before the start of crowdfunding, create an introduction site dedicated to the product. In order to spread product awareness and maximize sales, we will post advertisements using web media such as SNS. We cover all advertising costs.
  • 04
    Crowdfunding started
    Gather supporters (buyers) through purchase-type crowdfunding. Since the number of sales can be expected at this point, there is no risk of carrying a large amount of defective inventory.
  • 05
    Product ordering for orders received from our company
    After depositing money from the crowdfunding, you can place an order for the product, so you can trade without risk of payment.
  • 06
    Delivery to buyer
    We take care of everything you need, including shipping and customer support.
  • 0Selling on our own website or EC mall
    We have created an environment where sales can continue even after crowdfunding ends.

Products handled genre


We are a web marketing company that utilizes direct response marketing.
Our mission is to maximize our clients’ profits and help foreign companies enter the Japanese market successfully.
It is a product that you put your heart and soul into to make big sales and color and enrich people’s lives.
If your company is interested, please feel free to contact us.

company overview

shop’s name totti
Operating company Curetelier Co., Ltd.
address 〒411-0951 2-14-8 Sakurazutsumi Nagaizumi-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka-ken 411-0951 Japan
Business content Import/export sales business, crowdfunding support business, sundries sales, sales of cosmetics, etc.
Main sales method Sales at our own CE site, EC mall, and physical stores
Main client Overseas manufacturing and sales companies, domestic cosmetics manufacturers